Windsor Chairs

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English style Windsor Chairs


English style Windsor chairs. Traditional English styles made from Ash, Oak and Beech and Elm wood. English style Windsor chair

Lath Back Windsor Chairs


English Lath Back chairs. Traditional English Farmhouse style chair with heavier build. :Lath Back Windsor chair

Comb Back Windsor Chairs


English Comb Back chairs. A traditional English style ideal for a cottage dining room. English Comb Back chairs.

Continuous Arm Windsor Chairs


Continuous Arm Windsor chairs are a stylish and comfortable type only rarely found in the UK. Continuous Arm Windsor chairs

Childrens Windsor Chairs


Children's Windsor chairs Real Windsor chairs for children. Children's Windsor chairs

Sack Back Windsor Chairs


Sack Back Windsor chairs. This style is comfortable and strong, American style. Sack Back Windsor chairs

Special Windsor Chairs


Specials. Settees, bespoke chairs and a "love seat". Specials

Sets of Windsor Chairs


Sets of chairs. Some pictures of sets of chairs

Windsor Chair repairs


Windsor Chair repairs.I can repair Windsor Chairs, but please read the relevant page before contacting me.