Windsor Chairs: Lath Back

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Lath Back Windsor Chair


Traditional English style farmhouse Lath Back Windsor chairs with curved laths instead of turned sticks or spindles supporting the crest rail or comb. The double "H" stretcher is the strongest of all, and the heavy traditional English build of this chair gives it an air of solidity. The curved shape of the back is designed to add some lumbar support. Note the word "lath". This is a flat strip of wood, and is different from the word "lathe", which is a machine for turning components like legs and stretchers.

This chair is made of English Beech wood with an English Elm seat, which is absolutely traditional. The finish is stain, shellac and wax, which helps to unify the appearance of the paler beech and the relatively dark Elm seat.

English Lath back chair


This is the same style of chair as the one above but with a sealed and waxed finish. Note that the natural colours of the Elm seat and the Beech components are different, but you do see the all the features of the real wood.

Windsor Lath Back Dining Chairs


Traditional Lath Back dining or kitchen chairs designed to match the carver shown above. This one has different style legs. These can have 16 inch seats for dining, or a 14 inch version is very useful in a kitchen where space is at a premium. I much prefer the smaller size myself anyway, and have used 14 inch seats for many years in our living room where we spend a great deal of time.

This chair is made of very local English Beech wood with an English Elm seat, which is absolutely traditional. The finish of this chair is stain, shellac and wax.


Windsor Lath Back carver chair


Basically the same chair as the one at the top of the page, but with turnings to match the diner just above.

Once again English Beech wood with an English Elm seat and a stain, shellac and wax finish.