Windsor Chairs: Sack Back

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Sack Back Windsor chair


Sack Back Windsor chairs are a popular American style similar in concept to the English Double Bow, but these are equally at home in any type of interior. This example is made of Ash wood with an antiqued 'stain, shellac and wax' finish. Sack Backs are inherently strong due to their design, and also lend themselves to special sizes and shapes. These can be made with plain turnings too. Please see below for some variants.

Wide Sack Back Windsor Chair


This Sack Back has one extra back stick, so is a bit wider than a standard chair. It is made of Oak, with a beautiful figured Oak seat.

Extra wide Sack Back Windsor Chair


This extra wide version has two extra back sticks making it almost six inches wider than standard. Legs and arm posts are slightly stronger than normal, suitable for the heaviest of people, or for those who like to sit and read with the cat curled up beside them by the fire.

These chairs are particularly suitable for those who find difficulty in rising from a soft armchair