Windsor Chairs: Special designs

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I enjoy making all kinds of special designs. Here is a selection of specials I have made in the past. I am happy to make copies of old chairs (not other workers' current production please!) or to work from photographs, patterns or even book illustrations.


An unusual love seat


I've seen various examples of Love seats, and always thought they were missing just a little something in the bit in the middle. These chairs are individual but inseparable, arms and legs entwined. The seats are crotch pattern Sycamore, and intriguingly interlocked. All other components are Oak.

Sack Back style settee


A two seater settee in mixed woods, similar to Sack Back chairs.

2 seater settee


A different style of two seater settee in mixed woods. The bends are Beech and everything else is Ash. The seat has a very special grain pattern as it is made from the crown board of a very large tree. It may look delicate, but in fact is very strong due to its engineering. This one is called a "Shawl Back". In the old days of draughty rooms and open log fires they would throw a blanket or shawl over the back to even the temperature up a bit. I have even seen specially made rugs with loops to hang over the ears of the top rail.

Windsor nursing chair


A copy (now in Australia!)of a very old nursing chair handed down through generations of a local family. Made completely in ash. Nursing chairs are lower and the seat has a different angle so that thighs are horizontal. This I'm told will avoid baby slipping off your lap on to the floor! My mother used one of these as well but to be honest I don't remember too well.