How we use your personal data

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What is this page all about?

New data protection legislation in 2018 (GDPR) imposes a legal requirement on anyone who keeps personal data to explain how and why data is kept, and how it is used, to keep that data protected, and not to use it for purposes beyond those for which it was provided.


What data do we keep?

Names addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of customers. We also make a note of enquiries where an order is likely to result, and details of firm orders and customer requirements. We note whether any action is outstanding and if a person has asked us not to contact them.


How is this data kept?

Data is kept on a secure database on a computer requiring a password. It is retained for as long as required to fulfill orders and guarantees.


How is the data used?

Data is only used for legitimate purposes in connection with my business. No data is or will ever be passed on to any third party except as required by a court order. The data will never be used to send unsolicited communications by any means to anyone.


Your right to know what data is kept about you.

If you want to know what data is kept about you, please just ask, and we will tell you what information we have, and if it is incorrect, we will correct it at your request. There is no charge for this service.


Do I need to opt in?

As the data is only used for legitimate business purposes (legitimate interest), never passed on to any third party, and never used for marketing purposes, there is no requirement to positively opt in to your data being kept. We will not be contacting anyone to ask for permission to keep their details.


 Can I opt out?

Yes, you can opt out at any time. Please just ask, and your data will be deleted. Bear in mind that if you are a customer, opting out would make it very much more difficult for us to service guarantee requirements for instance.


Have we got it right?

We're not lawyers. Please contact us if you think any of the above is wrong, or needs correcting or clarifying.