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karrier bantams awaiting restoration

Many years ago I bought two Commer Karrier Bantam trucks, and from what I thought were the best bits, I made one decent truck. Fairly obviously I had loads of bits left over, which I kept indoors in my store.

I have a meagre selection of Karrier Bantam spare parts for sale still. Heres a fairly comprehensive list, but I'm sure I've missed something. Most of the really useful stuff has gone now. If it's not in the list I'm afraid it's gone.


  • Steel trim from above windscreen.
  • Door window internal steel trims. Drivers is rusty at bottom but not a write off. 
  • Floor plate from under passenger seat. Good condition.
  • Cross beam for floor plates. Good condition.
  • Handbrake lever and mech, gaiter and trim.
  • Gearlever, gaiter (split but useable) and trim.
  • Window regulators. Both sides.
  • Door locks and mech, incl. striker plates. Both sides.
  • Steering wheel, incl horn push (chipped and no spring).
  • Steering drop arm, levers and rods etc. Ball joints aren't for sale!
  • Instrument cluster, less fuel/vacuum gauge and switch.
  • Wiper switch. Panel light switch.
  • Tipping engine speed control cable.
  • Knob for washer pump.
  • Front springs with hangers. (I'd have to check these).
  • Battered front grille (later type).
  • Wheel arch aluminium strips (2). But no end pieces I think.
  • Loads of wheel studs and nuts, incl left side.
  • Loads of odd fixings.
  • Pedals with brackets etc.
  • Engine stay (clutch reaction) with bracket.
  • Cross member under engine.
  • Front shocker mounts both sides.
  • One front bump stop.
  • Vacuum reservoir, plus pipe to vacuum gauge.
  • Some air ductwork for heater and demister.
  • Front axle. King pins worn.
  • Handbrake flexible cable section. (Needs new stranded inner cable).
  • Prop shaft both sections with intermediate bearing.
  • Wheel bearings
  • Hydraulic pump, gearbox fitting. Working.
  • Perkins 4203 engine 1972 (rope seal rear end). Low oil pressure but working.
  • Injection gear for Perkins 4203. All working.
  • Vacuum Pump (Working).
  • Fixing strap for glass on fuel prefilter.
  • Other engine ancillaries for Perkins engine. Water pump. Flywheel.
  • Radiator. has been stroked by the fan, but would rebuild by a specialist.
  • Positive battery strap to starter.
  • Brake drums, front and rear.
  • Various pipe fittings for diesel and brakes.
  • Front and rear wheel cylinders (most need reconditioning).
  • Rear handbrake balancing mech plus cable sections to wheels. (needs new stranded cable sections).
  • All sorts of little brackets and fixings.


If you need Commer Karrier Bantam spare parts, please send an email with your name and address and a landline phone number, stating EXACT requirements to (to reduce spam this is not an active link so you will need to type this address in full in the "to" box of your email). I'll have a look in the store and see what I've got, and quote you a price. You never know, we might save another little truck like this.

Restored Commer Karrier Bantam